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Hi everyone.

I'm in a learning curve with setting up una, and I'm trying to figure out how to allow group creators to upload a group profile picture. 

The system by default use the first letter of the group name, for instance D for a Design group. Apparently there is no way to upload a group picture, which I find strange. I can upload a group cover, but no profil picture...?

I have been into Pages/Groups to see if I could fix the problem there by adding a block, but it's simply too complicated for me to figure out.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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    • While viewing the group - just click on the "D" for Design Group.  You will then see the upload feature.

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      • Thanks for the answer, but I'm afraid it doesn't work. That was my intuition to begin with too, but clicking the "D" simply reloads the page for viewing the group.


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        • Make sure your account has the right user level to change the group.   Are you admin?

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          • Call off the dogs! I figured it out. Had to go into forms and activate fields. Then back to navigation and activate menu items. A bit quirky, but it works once you get it... :) Thanks for your comments!

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            • Awesome.  I thought those were on by default.  Thanks for posting back. 

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              • Ok. following you as far as Forms, got that part done. but... where did you go as far as in navigation and activation menus'

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                • Hi James,

                  I did the following,

                  • Went in to "Forms" and selected "Groups". 
                  • Clicked "11 Fields" at the far right of "Add Group"
                  • Set the toggle button to green at the left side of "Group picture".
                  • Used the right drop down box above the selection field to select "Edit Group". 
                  • Toggled "Group Picture" to green.
                  • From here went into "Navigation" of main menu.
                  • Selected "Groups" from drop down box.
                  • Selected "Groups More Actions" from right drop down box.
                  • Toggled "Edit Group" to green (and "edit cover" if it's not green)

                  That should do it. If not, let me know, and I will see if I can replicate the process.


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                  • I remember having to do this to mine except what was weird is that I used to be able to add Cover images for groups but not a Group Picture...when I checked after 11.0 update, cover picture was disabled and Group Picture was enabled. So it was the reverse of yours. Seems like maybe some inconsistencies with the instructions in the coding.

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                    • Thank You for sharing this!

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