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UNA.io template (UNA.IO.2020)?


It is possible to get UNA mix for Lucid template - (UNA.IO.2020)?



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      • It seems that one is for Protean template?

        I want the mix for Lucid (actual Lucid mix you use on UNA.IO - (UNA.IO.2020)Β 

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        • Looking for this as well LeonidS. I thought I had seen it on site, but can only find the old one!

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          • Still no update...

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            • UPDATE: una.io 2020 mix

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              • Hey LeonidS I'm trying to get my site to look like the way UNA does on here. Is that the correct mix above? Can't seem to get it working.

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                • It has been made for the UNA 11.0.0. NOw we have 11.0.4 so please specify what troubles did you meet with it?

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                  • I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but this is exactly what I've done...

                    I downloaded the .json file, the recent one above. Went to Studio > Protean > and imported the mix via file upload then I don't know what happened.

                    There's a mix called Neat Mix now which looks looks nothing like una.io (has a dark header and looks the same as the normal protean).

                    When I try to import the file again, it says it already exists.


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                    • Oh wait, its for Lucid

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                      • So now we have the correct theme, it's working mostly now.

                        Couple of questions though. On my site, bakemescream.com, why is the menu scrollable and not fixing? And how do I do drop down menus like here?

                        Thank you!!

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                        • Try to go to Studio->Lucid->Styles->Custom Styles area and add there the following lines:

                          @mediaΒ only screen and (min-width: 720px)

                          -sliding-menu-sys_site.bx-sliding-smenu-mainΒ {

                          Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  height: auto;


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                          • Is that supposed to stop the scrollable menu? Doesn't look to have worked.

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                            • Working now - how do we do the drop down menus? thanks for your help appreciate it

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                              • hi leonids,

                                i imported this file and publish the mix now its showing as a theme for users.

                                but when we select this lucid una theme. it still look same as lucid theme..there is no feed, public and hot tab in my homepage.


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                                • Do you have the "All Feeds (Timeline)" block there?

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                                  • how to add this block.

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                                    • hi leonids,

                                      i found the block and added on profile.


                                      but my feed and public both are showing same posts. and hot tab is not showing anything.

                                      what's the difference between feed and public? and what are the criteria for a post to show in hot tab?

                                      is there any block for following. where user will get post or update from the person who he is following.

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                                      • About mentioned tabs you may find info here https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Timeline

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