Profile cover doesn't scale down to screen width on smart phone

When having uploaded a profile cover on a smart phone it doesn't scale down to fit screen width when holding the smart phone vertically. It basically zooms in instead, and users can only see a segment of the cover. Users then have to turn the smartphone to horisontal mode to see their cover, but as a user tester told me, "nobody turns their phone horizontally". 

So, is there a way to make sure the cover photo scales down properly on a smart phone when it's held vertically?

(I'm using the protean template.)

Thanks again in advance as always.


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    • Hi Michell Léon Stjernberg  , i have same problem. Did you find a solution for this? Thank you very much!

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      • No I didn’t. I think in general Una has some problems on older iPhones. Rotating photos when uploading is also one (see my other post). Have tested from 5s to 7 and there are numerous issues.  It’s a bit of a problem because basically one cannot launch a site without those fixes... 

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