Sitemap and SEO

Hi, how create sitemap of the site and do SEO? I want add my site's sitemap on google webmaster to grow visit of the site. thanks

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  • Hello, you can already work a lot your SEO.

    You have what you need in pages => settings in the SEO tab.

    • Page (Meta) Description
    • Keywords
    • Meta Robots

    For the rest I will complete your question.

    1. Why not have done the work entirely by also allowing to modify ?

    2. If all the links of your site are accessible by the root or all its descendants (recursively), I think that it is the case on UNA, is the sitmap useful ?

    • Ok thank very much.

      1) I do not understand, i must modify all metatitle of all pages? And how can do it? Is possibile change simultanely all metatitle pages?

      2) ah ok, but google webmaster want xml sitemap to index site.... how can i take this xml sitemap of my site? thanks


      • 1. No, you can not do it in UNA, that's what's a shame.
        2. I do not think that google wait for your sitemap to go on your site, provide articles related to your site, forums, etc.,

        Here are some examples of what I did for my site:

        As you can see, the metatags and the meta descriptions are different for each group, then for example, I will create a forum centered on each keyword declared for this part

        Then I will create a post blog for each keyword of the blog group, etc ...

        It's work SEO, you can have a sitemap and no good content, it will not help.

        Click on the link "célibattaires (single), you will understand

        Entry Identifier: /blogs/
        Meta Title:
        Twoforlife.com : Célibataires Belgique - Femmes - Hommes - Site de Rencontre Serieux - Blogs
        Meta Tags:
        Meta Description:
        Trop nombreux sont les femmes et les hommes célibataires en Belgique. Les Blogs de Twoforlife.com permettent à chacun de mettre son profil en avant. Voici les derniers posts.
        Language: Français
        Entry Identifier: /forum/
        Meta Title:
        Twoforlife.com : Site de rencontre Belgique - 100% gratuit - Serieux - Forum
        Meta Tags:
        Meta Description:
        Les Forums de Twoforlife.com sont gratuits. C'est un lieu où l'on peut discuter rencontre, mais aussi de tout et de rien. Donnez votre avis sur nos derniers sujets.
        Language: Français
        Entry Identifier: /m/faq/
        Meta Title:
        Twoforlife.com : Rencontres Gratuites en Belgique - Avis - Faq - Questions
        Meta Tags:
        Meta Description:
        La FAQ de Twoforlife.com vous aide à utiliser notre site de rencontre et ses nombreux outils. Nos conseils et avis sur les différentes questions que vous pourriez vous poser.
        Language: Français
        • 1. Meta titles for ALL pages is generally a bad idea for SEO. They are hardly helpful anymore in general, but if you set them as same for all pages they make no difference at all for your SEO effort. It's important to set different descriptions and keywords for different subsets.

          2. We don't rush into a GOogle Sitemap generation mostly because of configurable nature of UNA. You can change the structure significantly so that creating a sitemap for all situations is a going to make a complex module. 

          The good news is that we already see that Google is picking up UNA site URL patterns very well. It can tell that Discussions is like forum and presents them so. It recognizes Posts as blogs and generally craws the site fully. 


          • Ok thanks very much

            • Ok, where can find sitemap of my website do with una? I have send website mapo to google webmaster site.thanks

              • There is no xml sitemap for UNA, however there are tools in internet to generate such sitemaps from webserver log files.

                • A1 sitemap generator is free for 30 days. I have used it throughout the years and it does a nice job.

                  • Is A1 sitemap generator legit?

                    • This topic is vast. There is so much in SEO and Google Adwords Campaign Management that I still don’t know about. I am collecting information from such posts so that I can take wise decision of picking up the right service or technique for my business.