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Maybe UNA can create a Jobs posting section. Dolphin had it where users could create a post what type of work they needed on their site and developers/coders would be able to respond to their posts

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  • Hi. Thanks for your invitation.

    I am senior web and mobile expert .

    If you have any problem, please contact me and discuss over chat.

    Thanks and best wishes.

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    • Job section is needed here 👍 i will support it. :)

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      • UNA can create a job category called jobs

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        • They can just use the Ads app. And I want a receipt for every purchase! I can use it as a tax write off and to file legal claims against the people who don't do the job and take my money. Actually, maybe there does need to be a separate Jobs app. I got ripped of one time on Dolphin Job Market and they spent weeks without doing the job so they offered to give me two of their modules instead. I was so mad and the modules didn't even work right. It needs to be like Upwork.com

          Also, I don't want to say who it was because maybe they've changed, but the vendor is on UNA now and I don't trust that person.

          Edit: In fact, maybe UNA,inc could work something out with Upwork to get verified developers for the job or require the developers to create an account with them for verification before they can accept a job on UNA for customer security purposes. And make the developer have a business license that is verified so I can have something to sue.

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