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Monetization, what people are interested, how to find out

Over the past several months I've seen people ask about monetization, what people are looking for, interest spikes pre and during COVID 19 and current trends. I was looking at Flippa a website where people can buy and sell apps, and websites of all kinds. While looking I got a glance at prices, how the websites make money (Advertisements, e-commerce, downloads, etc) daily visitors, unique visitors, site views, income potential and more. You can use Flippa and sites like that to gain an insight into what's trending and the direction of people's interests and what people are paying for nowadays. Pre-COVID 19 you can see non essential sales were high. The last two months you can see those sales drop drastically BUT there's a trend of people buying and subbing for ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT. Yes you heard that people are paying for content they can see or use online. Yes people still buy stuff online but online games, app downloads, live streaming is generating more income during COVID 19 than pre-COVID 19. Also you can see not just how websites are performing but also designs, templates and more. Hope this helps a lot of people and if used correctly can give a huge insight into where you want your site to go or become. 

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