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Mobile App Tutorial

So I took a look at the slim instructions on how to brand the Mobile Apps for your site. The summary of the instructions is to "Install this, and that, and this too... edit this file to change the name, edit this file too... Good Luck".

I installed This, That, and This too and couldn't even get the default UNA app to load. All kinds of errors of "this" not running, "that is missing", etc. I successfully created both Android and iOS apps for Dolphin but I cannot for the life of me figure out to how to create them for UNA. 

I know that I could pay $600-1000 to have someone do it for me but, I would like (any many others maybe) if someone can provide a more "detailed" instructions on what you will need to install, configuration/versions for the software (Emulators, any additional plug-ins needed, etc.) all the required files that need to be edited, and any other useful information that could help with creating these Mobile Apps?

Thank you in advance.

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  • UNA has to create a step by step walk through of this. Only way 

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    • yes, I agree with that. we need to create a step by step how to create mobile app instruction. I prefer that record in video and upload in You tube. It's easy for us to create the mobile app.

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      • Sounds like you just need to install this and that and that and this and you should be up and running Chris 😁 

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        • I mean.  What can go wrong!

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          • well it could be worse, i mean wait.. 😂 image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3684&dpx=1&t=1590759397

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            • Hi all!

              Let's drop here all questions which are better to expand in our Mobile app manual.

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              • Hi Leonid, 

                Just use a screen recorder and do a visual walk through of a build on ios and Android. All the pain will be taken away. Don't be reactive with this, be proactive.  

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                • Not sure a video walk through is needed since that would be a huge video but, at least some more detailed instructions. For example, I have the lasted versions of Mobile App code, Android SDK, and NodeJs installed. Ran the npm install. Seems there were still several updates that needed to happen so, did those too. 

                  I attempted to simply open the default UNA just to test and here is the error:


                  If you hit reload, this is the error:


                  Keep in mind, I have not modified ANY files. So it seems something else is needed or there is a configuration that needs to be done that isn't mentioned in the instructions. 

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                  • I tried this mobile app headache some months ago. I got stuck somewhere and that was it. 

                    At first I was like, 'I'll just wait for UNA to provide a more detailed tutorial or a video step by step guide but here I am, 2 months later, I'm still using web. My users are growing rapidly everyday and a mobile app will be a great way to show them that I'm not just sitting around.

                    If nothing happens after this comments. I guess it's time to start learning how to do this from scratch. It will be painstaking but I'll successfully do it eventually. Maybe after 8 or 9 months. Sad thing is, dolphin was not this difficult.

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                    • Any ideas Alex T⚜️ ?

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                      • I have two videos on how to do this and that:
                        But these technologies are changing all the time, so in a couple of months instructions could become obsolete.

                        UNA is actually react-native app, so any other app can be run the same way, so you may refer to numerous examples in the Internet.

                        For a while I've created rebrand.sh script to help with rebranding, just change variables to your own and run it.

                        Also I've maintaining actual instructions in main README file, which is updated regularly. 

                        So I think this is all I can offer for now.

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                        • Mobile app is dead slow. Compared to any other app on my phone.

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                          • Thank you - I will take a look at these when time permits. 

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                            • This particular issue is because you built the app before running the emulator. Do you have a phone connected via USB? Also, when running the react-native command, does it open the React / metro CLI? it has to be running before you can build the app.

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