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I noticed that some UNA Developers have mods in Boonex Marketplace. How would I go about seeing if I can get the same mod but for UNA? I know its a custom job so what would be my choices on getting them transferred and prices? Andrew Boon Anton L AQB Soft 

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  • Will Roberts you are correct it needs custom work and constant update. UNA is rapidly growing with versions..One of the top dev in dolphin - Modzzz, message me a while back asking how is it going with the platform. Maybe he is trying to weigh if or not his module  be updated. You can message him directly if you want to at dolphinmods@gmail.com


    However if you need any custom mod just pm me expertzkris@gmail.com or here in UNA. Me and my team will look at it and will give you cost and completion.

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    • Most developers of Boonex Dolphin are long gone.  They won't be developing for UNA.

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      • AQB Soft is still around and have quite a few mods in Dolphin thats not in UNA

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        • Two different platforms; it could be that some mods from Dolphin can't be converted to work in UNA due to the differences in structure.

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          • I actually have some modules already built for UNA. I just need to package them now and post in the marketplace.

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            • My website is on UNA Cloud so I couldn't give you server access

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