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Mass Mail Campaign not sending to all profiles

I have 60 profiles I am trying to send to. They have not been unsubscribed as they've never been sent anything before. They are all activated and confirmed accounts. When I create a campaign, I choose to send after I test but it is stating that it will only send to 41 profiles.

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  • Perhaps there are multiple profiles connected to single accounts? There is a feature in Mass Mailer to ensure that only a single email is sent to each acccount. ie. If you have multiple profiles attached to your account, you will only receive one email.

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    • It doesn't look like any duplicated profiles as it's all separate email addresses in the list, no duplicates.

      I have double checked. I have 64 accounts and only 3 unconfirmed accounts. So that should be sending out to at least 61, not only 41.

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          • I had a similar problem, mass mail was not sending to all users of the selected segment.

            There were no problems on the accounts.  

            After some research the limitation was found at SMTP provider -mailjet-,.

            When a user selects spam or there is a hard bounce from the users email address, their system blocks that email and do not deliver any more mails.

            May be your problem could be something like this?

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