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so my sites been up for months now. One thing that I'd like to see something done with tho? Is everyone that joins site gets dumped in to a new members category, and that where they remain. Dolphin had a feature that only kept them there for like a few weeks, and then only new people that joined were apart of this new member roster. I have people on my site since day one still in this new member list. Is there a feature that actually allows to show new member and then a members page of total leoe on site?

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  • Hello, I do not remember such a function in Dolphin, it was a third party module? So if I understand correctly, you would like a list of new members as it exists, but where you could define a time limit to consider a member as new, is that correct? For example, if you set 10 days, the older members are removed from the list?

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    • Note that you can do this kind of thing using this parameter and the ShowCase view, it's not really a time limit but you can still present the last 20 registrations like this (in my case)



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      • Ah ok. That may work fine for me. Yes it may have been a 3rd party feature but it was nice. It used to cycle in the new members and than as the list grew, it purged the older member out. That way the list always reflected newest members of about 50ish.

        I will try this that your talking about. 

        Thanks Baloo

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