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SOLVED: Size for Homepage Menu Custom Icons?


Tryng to customize the Homepage Menu icons. I made several icons upload in diferents sizes, but i unable to make it looks the same that other icons, the text undet icon not at same line than other:


As you can see, "people" link is a bit higher than other. I try many sizes, but unable to make it looks ok.

Which size of custom icons must we use in order it fits ok with the other icons?

Many thanks!

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  • Were those custom icons created yourself? Did You use Font Awesome? Your best bet is to use SVG format. Did you also use code to align the icons yourself instead of Studio?

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    • Hi Will Roberts !

      Thanks for your advice over this.

      This is a mix from UNA Themes , maybe can help also over this.

      1-I just create the first icon, the one you see "People" wich is not in same line. All other icons are the defaults from Protean. Just changed the new icon from default one in studio navigation options over this menu.

      2-Font is Google Font

      <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed" rel="stylesheet">

      3- Did you also use code to align the icons yourself instead of Studio? --> Nope, i did not touch code in any moment, just tryng to upload differents icons sizes but alwais broke the line and unable to make this looks ok.

      Thanks a lot!

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      • Hello again Will Roberts LeonidS UNA Themes 

        Sorry,  still stuck over this to just align the menu icons.For sure must be an easy thing but unable to acomplish.

        Anybody can give a hint to made this?

        Thanks a lot

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        • Hi all!

          If you have the same trouble you may add the following CSS code into your Studio->Protean->Styles->Custom Styles area:

          .bx-menu-floating-blocks li img {

              margin-bottom: 0.5rem;


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