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Which file to modify to add points when user writes a post


I would like some advice on which file should I look for to update its php to add points to sys_accounts in database?

I would like to learn to modify files so that I can customize the social network to my needs. Are there any tutorials or developer resources on how I can do that?

Thank you

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  • Hello wiliclip !

    Here you may find the main docs about UNA https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki . And don't please modify the sys_accounts table.

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    • Thank you LeonidS \☺/ 

      I will read everything on devs wiki and try to learn. Will ask for help if I still can't figure out. I learn best from examples and by knowledge transfer. At 1st I need to be lead like a small child by hand to things that are obvious and self evident for those that already know. Yes I can come out as stupid :p before I learn or figure the principles of something. I would like to thank everyone in advance.

      I have done work with PHP but only very very little with PHP classes and very new to MVC style of frameworks. Still got lots to learn. 

      I want to master in open source una social network framework to realize my vision to marry the concept of open source network with market capitalism (its magic principles of supply and demand that make people excited and invest) + cryptocurrency (bitcoins denominated in bits rather than large decimals). My goal is to create a community that perpetually invests into itself, its own growth and in that way all the participants who create value in terms of growth (from social influencers inviting people to join the network to engineers upgrading and updating the network) get the share of the spoil from the growth. It makes it into semi-decentralized organization that rewards people who create and share value through it. In marrying those concepts above in just the right way I believe we can achieve viral growth of a new more decentralized type of social network. I plan to bootstrap such a viral growth in a social network through exchange of limited supply tokens rewarded on a weekly basis based on points users get from being active and inviting their friends to social network. Because every year the total supply of tokens is limited and as the network grows everyone expects that tokens will be more valuable in future from its growth, then they trade them. The tokens in limited supply will be traded against bitcoin bits (this will make the social network in defacto a bitcoin social network).

      The concept works wonderfully and I've successfully tested it in a virtual world as a point based role playing game system for exchanging time, energy and effort and I was working very hard to make it a killer app for virtual world. But my game seemed too risky for the company that owns the virtual word as they were citing the money laundering and legal issues concerns.

      I see my idea/vision as an innovation as an application for digital value economy growth by the community for the community or as described the economic model of a community within social network investing into itself, its own growth. 

      Being told not to develop for a virtual world because its legally risky for them It just made me change my vision from making a killer app for virtual worlds instead wanting to make a killer app for bitcoin crypto currency. Defacto bitcoin social network.  

      Ty everyone involved for creating and working on this amazing open source social network. And ty for opportunity to learn and an opportunity for me to try to add value to it.

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