Hi Guys,


I tested out posting a video via my android device to my status update...  the post appeared, but the video doesn't seem to be playable atall.  here's a screen shot.


testing with an image it works fine.





  • Just uploaded and checked a few more videos and it seems that no uploaded video will play.  am I missing something?

    • Mike, you'll get this initially when you upload a video.

      This just means it's rendering via your server and should play within a short amount of time.

      If not, you (or a server admin) need to check the chrono jobs (I believe that's what it is) and that should be adjusted to be able to process the videos...

      Just from my experience, it should process the video after a few minutes.

      • Thanks Five, my host has identified an error with the chrono jobs and has rectified it.  It still isn't working so they're going to investigate further.  I'll keep you posted.  thankyou

        • Try to check `sys_transcoder_queue` table for your UNA site:

          • if there are all files with `status` = 'pending', then most probably cron isn't working
          • if there is file with `status` = 'processing', then some file is processed now and you need to wait while file is completed, then other videos will be processed.
          • if there are files with `status` = 'failed', then check `log` field for the file for particular error