With hundreds of members the "manage accounts' page needs a date added showing the date the members joined the site.

Is it only shown on "added" permissions levels? Like the photos show added here?

With the "standard" membership the date is not shown. Please add it there or manage accounts page.huhiwhmzchtek962sggayhswn26tnnjx.jpgkkx77rutkuugvgghaw2jprima4dgncag.jpgldyuv3tgdwt52aqn3y7npnfu3etz3qwy.jpguf9nx3jmzuaguejrudbvyebumabdnz8h.jpg

  • We can't add many column here because it just will not fit there very well, especially on smaller screens.

    However we'll allow to customize fields for all grids in future versions, so you will be able to make your own set of fields there.