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Live Page with categories

I think a "Live" Page with custom categories where people can join in on Public Jitsi Live Chats would be a good addition. People can search the categories to find what what type of Live Chats they would be interested and join. Once you click on someones profile pic it will take you directly into their Live Chatimage_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3813&dpx=2&t=1594748876

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  • Great option!

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    • dude.  i wonder.   can that format be adopted to a module WITHOUT actually bringing along any of the shortcomings that meet me suffers from?  

      meet me is a really .. strange site.  theres no denying its popular, theres also no denying its entirely bizarre that due to the design of the site, talk is cheap -  but thats what their product is.   but nobody really gives you the attention of a conversation though, this is a problem.  (i have tested the site for approximately 24 months with different strategies) because the format intrigued me when i came across it, and if there was any value add to clone once the need being fufilled had been isolated as a coherent thought form or repeatable idea that scales demographics and genders, there was no point unless i could find something redeeming in the design, i tried.

      i feel the problem is the design. 

      -the feature meet me aims to fill is "make a new friend or perhaps find an activity partner"

      this is discongruent with :

      meet me premium: buy in monthly to get tokens and more photo upload, visibility priority in conversations window, and whatever else they gave you i forget.


      meet me live - which is the money maker for the website.  which relies on primal instinct of wanting to mate, to convince men to buy tokens to give as gifts to women who are usually flirting somewhre between dancing around half naked, or in some cases during my studying meet me, accidentally saw some girls naked in the shower.   (now mind you i am not bothered by a nude human), but if the design of a product  (and i am not an expert in marketing stuff)   somehow motivated or at least encouraged men to commodify women, while also emptying their wallets, messing up their self esteem, and their neural wiring around the domapine circuitry in their brains, then yeah  -  there is nothing wrong here, and this is a value add worthy of an up and coming modular social networking system.    

      if there is value to meet me that i missed, please tell me, i love learning, and yeah hi ! been a while i have been busy. hope you are well Will :)

      t about you on that site unless you are a beautiful woman

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      • I've studied various social networks for years. Their trends, what makes them popular and what doesn't. Meet Me uses a Live feature called Agora.io that is actually used across many platforms today as each platform uses the Live feature for various purposes. Twitch, Facebook, almost every Social Network to date has a Live feature. Some sites even use this feature to make money or passive income. What I had intended for my site was a Live feature where people could showcase products they make like jewelry, art, casual talk discussing things like games, news etc. People would be free to choose whatever topic they wanted and people could interact with them and make donations or subscriptions this feature would be great. Meet Me is a dating site that uses a Live feature. Take that same Live feature into a social network and the potential is only limited by the topics people choose. Bands could perform Live concerts and make income by selling tickets or just accepting donations. Online learning courses with accepting donations or subscriptions....I believe this is the future as people start making more money online due to COVID 19 and more people prefer to sell their products online. I have been asking for this feature for over two years and have watched every Social Network adapt this idea. I also have studied how and why major social networks fail and one of the major reasons is because they've refused to adopt popular trends. I want my website to be able to have Live features where people can go live and earn credits. This Live page would help people jump in and join topics they're interested in and a category setting would make it easier wether they like gaming, politics, movies, etc

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        • Just think. Entertainers wouldn't have to re-direct people to a seperate website to buy tickets to a Zoom Comedy event that has to be promoted on Facebook Live...what I have wanted for over two years would make something like this so easy and doable all on one site....Jitsi with Credit integration for subscriptions, payments, or donations while simultaneously promoting someone's page or profile.

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