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Question about Photos on Feed


Sorry if this is a bit noob question, its about the photos uploaded via profile feed. 

If i public a picture on feed,  i am unable to locate a section with all the feed single photos uploaded.

In My albums no problem, there the pics uploaded as Albums. 

But is  there  any way or module to show all the pictures uploaded via profile feed? Something like  "Photos" tab plus the Albums one for single photos uploaded to the feed?

Many thanks for any hint!

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  • Hello Jaduho !

    No, there is no separate place to look on all profile feeds photos.

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    • Many thanks for response LeonidS !

      As future sugestion, maybe would be a nice mod if some of UNA skilled modders consider to make this possible, I think its interesting to have a place or block where see all the pics uploaded to profile via feed plus the Albums tab :-)

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      • Dont sure if this module from AQB Soft will show all the uploaded photos via feed? Or can be custimized for that?

        Quick Photos: https://una.io/page/view-product?id=158 


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        • No, the Quick Photos is a very simple module which is not linked to feeds in any way.

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