File Upload Size Limitation

How do I change the file and picture upload image size maximum to higher than 2 MB?

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  • This may be controlled by your web host. A lot of shared hosting plans have a max 2mb upload limit. Some web hosts let you change that. Some do not. You can contact your hosting provider and ask if they can change it. There are ways to change it yourself with a php.ini file and/or .htaccess file, but, it all depends on your web host. 

    • hi, have  similar question: is the max upload size limit set in Una, or is it totally dependent on my hosting? yesterday I uploaded 4.5mb file to my user cover, so if others are able to upload such large files the site will become slow very fast.

      Is there an option to limit max size, or I have to do that in htaccess?

      • Hello George Sp!

        In Studio panel->Permissions system app you may find 2 columns "Max File Size" and "Max Files". Just press "edit" icon near wished level and setup this limits in appeared popup (Max File Size in Megabytes), then press "Save".

        With the best regards, Leonid

        • very nice, thank you

          • You are welcome, George!

            • This is about "how to reduce limit". How to increase? from 2MB to, say, 5MB?

              • Hello vavilon!

                As shown above in "Permissions system app". But this parameters can't be larger than "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" of your server.

                With the best regards, Leonid

                • On the upload form the text still says max file size of 2MB after changing on PHP server and in Studio-->permissions.  Any ideas on how to change this?

                  • Hello mrochek!

                    You need to be sure that your site uses the actual PHP.ini for this server. What values are shown in Studio->Dashboard->Host Tools->server audit area. What values have now "post_max_size " and "upload_max_filesize " parameters?

                      • post_max_size  = 8388608  - OK 
                      • upload_max_filesize  = 2097152  - OK 

                      This is different from the PHP settings on the server.  How do I change this?  the php.ini file?

                      • I resolved it by changing the file upload size variable in the php.ini file.  Thanks!