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Server Expenditure

Hey guys I'm working on something,  it's basically a localized instagram with all the core and additional features. The server cost budgeting is my problem.  If I were to have 100,000 active users everyday how much will it cost me for a year and which hosting company should I use cause I prefer Amazon? 

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    • HI lucipher - I would suggest that you review this article here: https://una.io/page/view-post?id=178 which will give you a basic guide as to what to expect for a server load at various stages of a sites growth. With that information to support your calculations, you could connect with the major cloud hosting providers and seek quotes for your requirements - you will find that they are very competitive and I imagine would be supportive of innovative startups based in Africa. The key advantage with Cloud Hosting is the ability to rapidly increase capacity to cater for a surge in demand, so there is no need to purchase a big server straight up, you can easily upgrade as your membership grows. UNA also supports remote storage, which will help in economising the server requirements for a busy data intensive site such as you describe. 

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