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Looking for Create Language Pack Service


I tryng to create a new language pack following instructions from here: https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Creating-new-language-module

But all time getting "hack attempt" error when go to mysite newlang/install/installer.php

I stuck over this, checked it a lot of times and unable to find what i doing wrong.

Looking for somebody just to create for me correct way the new language pack for a fee, and let it in english in order i start traslating. Think can be a veru fast thing for anybody with experience over this.


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  • hi Jaduho i am working over this module. I will contact you by messenger

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    • Alex T⚜️ - can you help here?

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      • Hello Mark Purser and Alex T⚜️  !

        Many thanks! David Medina contacted me and informed he near releasing the spanish language pack on AppMarket, i sure this would be great also for UNA community since spanish also very used.

        So, i wiil wait a bit more in order to finish and launch the site. If this takes more time than expected, would contact you again if possible to give a hand over this and start traslating myself the frontend.

        Thanks a lot!

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        • Great the David Medina has a Spanish translation coming - definitely a bonus for many UNA users!

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          • Hi  Mark Purser   we have been working  so hard in this module but  we have faced several obstacles.

             Our final version it will be released soon but we are not sure when because is difficult to manage integrity of the number of modules   when the module is installed. I mean, if we do the translation  with an environment with Let’s say 10 modules and after we try to install it in a  environment with 16 modules or 0 modules, translation module crashes. 

            we  don’t find an easy  way to control this situation and the documentation  is not c lear  about managing this  kind of conflicts.

            we posted details in https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=5886 

            we thank  technical advising of UNA team in this issue.

             Thanks in advance!

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            •  Hello Jaduho !

              Your installer.php file should have this line in the beginning 

              <?php defined('BX_DOL') or die('hack attempt');

              Does it have it?

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              • Hello LeonidS !

                Thanks for help!

                Yes, it has:


                 * Copyright (c) UNA, Inc - https://una.io

                 * MIT License - https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


                 * @defgroup    Spanish Spanish language

                 * @ingroup     UnaModules


                 * @{


                Anyway, dont want to get mad with this in this moment since i am going to wait a bit more to see if spanish language pack is released. If finally it delays will reopen this in order to translate the frontend at least by myself.

                Thanks again!

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