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Beware of TMD Hosting

Beware of TMD Hosting policies. When I contact sales to determine what plan would be necessary for an UNA install and site development they suggested several on of which was a 3 year business cloud hosting contract. Since AWS s3 storage API script is not capable with the new Version 4  I can not use it for remote storage. Did some research on objectivefs which has been mentioned in the discussions as a alternative. One requirements is to install their software to extend hard drive storage to an eventual a s3 bucket. On cloud or shared server hosting this is of course is not allowed. You must have VPS or Ds server and I understand. I requested what they could do since I paid for 3 year contract up front. This was their reply : "In order for your service to be upgraded to a VPS package, you would simply need to cover the initial payment for the VPS service in full, so that the plan can be set up and your data migrated to it. Once the upgrade is completed, we will then proceed with the cancellation of your Business Cloud - defendfreedoms.com and will provide you with credit as compensation for its unused time, which you will be able to use towards your future purchases and renewals." Most business that I have dealt with would have been willing to credit the prorated amount toward the new plan. 

May be it's just me, but why would i want to extend my relationship under these conditions. They get to hold over 2.5 years of credit during the upgrade period and then apply to future renewals.
It will take me over 2 years to fully receive that credit. Like I told them "That stinks!"

I will give them a few days to re-think their offer and post any changes.

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  • Follow-up: TMD Hosting has offer to make an exception of crediting my new plan up front with prorated amount from current plan. That's good business sense and customer relations.

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    • Glad things worked out. They are smart. Fewer and fewer people are going to be hosting websites on their own. The allure of a Facebook page or group is just too much. Not to mention the fact that hackers have gone 100% automated.

      TMD offers a direct install of UNA but they do not reveal that videos will not process on all but the upper plans. You get find that our on your own...

      Apart from that, their customer service department is quick and efficient.

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      • I also had that same problem with them. I never did get the problem with videos resolved.

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        • Are you refering to video in posts? If so, I had a problem encoding them.  In my case  I had to request ncrease the memory_limit and max_execution parameters of your server and make sure FFmpeg is enabled on your server.

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          • You can disable video conversion for specific types of files. This will drastically decrease the video conversion time. But you still have to use ffmpeg.exe to grab images from video files.

            So, this is how to disable video conversion for specific types of video files (in my example, these are .mp4 and .webm files):

            Remove the filters MP4 and WEBM this way:
            using phpMyAdmin run the following query:
            DELETE FROM sys_transcoder_filters WHERE filter = 'Mp4' OR filter = 'Webm'
            This should be enough to stop video from conversion.
            Clear the caches in Studio -> Dashboard

            Of course, you will need to upload files only of the same formats MP4 and WEBM to keep videos playable.

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