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Videos remain loading

Hi team.

In our UNA instance we are loading videos, but we see application shows a message 

"Scheduled for publishing as soon as video conversion is complete." 

... ant it stays there processing

Any idea?


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  • Videos are now processed before they are published so it could depend on how long the video is and what type of server you have

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    • Hi David. If you are on a shared server, you will not likely get very far. You will be docked for using too many resources. Even if the video is 30 seconds long. Processing videos produces a spike in cpu and disk usage. Can you check your control panel?

      Most providers of hosting do not inform you that you have exceeded a certain level - they just immediately begin to limit your resources.

      There are several threads about this long-standing issue. There are also some things you might be able to adjust, too.

          Keep us informed.

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      •  Hi banister despite we have configured ffmpeg and we have checked all tips done in 


        it doesn't work yet.


        We see they are uploaded but it seems the system can not finish their processing.

        Is it possible UNA connect to our environment to check it?

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