Dolphin to UNA

I understand that you can transfer a dolphin license for an UNA license.
We requested by email at and also through the contact page at
I sent my boonex id and my ID from one plus license they want to transfer, but I have not yet received the license transfer.
I am a 9 year member of the boonex community and have invested from my time and my money in this project that I have believed from the beginning.
But it seems like I have to be a member of a public forum to get access to what I think is right.
I want to know how long it takes to get access to UNA modules,
I was invited by boonex to sign up here I want to know if I miss time in vain or not.
When I want to download the modules, the message is Access denied.

I think a transfer script is required for boonex users who have a dolphin license and want to use UNA,

Human Support is very slow

Already there are three days since I asked to use UNA and my license was not transferred.