Dolphin to UNA

I understand that you can transfer a dolphin license for an UNA license.
We requested by email at and also through the contact page at
I sent my boonex id and my ID from one plus license they want to transfer, but I have not yet received the license transfer.
I am a 9 year member of the boonex community and have invested from my time and my money in this project that I have believed from the beginning.
But it seems like I have to be a member of a public forum to get access to what I think is right.
I want to know how long it takes to get access to UNA modules,
I was invited by boonex to sign up here I want to know if I miss time in vain or not.
When I want to download the modules, the message is Access denied.

I think a transfer script is required for boonex users who have a dolphin license and want to use UNA,

Human Support is very slow

Already there are three days since I asked to use UNA and my license was not transferred.


  • Your license has been transferred several days ago.

    • There is now a script available to migrate Dolphin sites into UNA

      • I look forward to trying this, since the time I hope. But I understood why he was late. What a nice surprise !

        • After PHP upgrade to 7.0 dolphin access is impossible (until the new version of Dolphin...). I installed UNA and tried to use the migration tool but I get an error " Sorry configuration file was not found, please check path to the Dolphin Script!".

          (And yes, I tried to update Dolphin to the latest version hoping that it would work... but I can't run the update script!)

          What is wrong?

          • Hello Gakanopd!

            Yes, Dolphin (even the latest 7.3.5) version doesn't work with PHP 7.x, but need to be sure that your Dolphin inc/ is avalable. Also, please specify this situation: "I tried to update Dolphin to the latest version hoping that it would work " - so your server was upgraded to use PHP 7 and after this part you've tried to update your Dolphin? If there was another situation then please specify - did you Dolphin work after this upgrade?

            • Hi LeonidS!

              I upgraded PHP to 7.0 and then I tried to upgrade dolphin hoping that it would work but it didn't!

              Actually, after overwritting the files according to update proccess, the

              http >>> your-domain>>>>>path-to-dolphin>>>upgrade" never ran! After that, I installed UNA and now need to migrate Dolphin >>> UNA


              • Your situation was working by the next scheme - your upgraded PHP till 7.0 version, it stopped the work of Dolphin, then you were trying to launch an upgrade procedure. This is the wrong order. You need to revert on PHP 5.x (what was there before) then launch the upgrade and complete it.

                • Ok, so...

                  I changed PHP back to 5.x and tried to update Dolphin but I got this error:


                  BoonEx Dolphin Upgrade Script

                  7.3.4-7.3.5 Update can not be applied


                  What I think is that probably my last Dolphin version was not 7.3.4 but an earlier one. I was not able to verify which version Dolphin was, as I had upgraded PHP to 7.x and Dolphin was already not working. Things were not easy to change PHP version back to 5.x as I was using an older Apache version without access to MultiPHP INI Editor. Now I have upgraded that too using EasyApache4 and I am back to PHP 5.x

                  How can I know my last version in order to apply the correct script?

                  And even if I I find out, can I do it now that I have overwritten files with ftp following the update procedure for 7.3.5 ? In other words, what if my last Dolphin version was 7.3.3 and I have overwritten its files with those of version 7.3.5? Does every new version update the same files? If yes, I will be able to overwrite my files with e.g. 7.3.4 and test, unless not all updates, update the same files!

                  Any ideas?


                  • Hello Galanopd ,

                    Dolphin to UNA migration script can work with Dolphin 7.2.x and upper, you don't need to uprate 7.3.4 up to 7.3.5 for migration.

                    Looks like you just set wrong path to Dolphin inc/ file and it was not found by migration script. The simplest way to find Dolphin path is to open inc/ of your Dolphin site and copy value of $dir['root'] variable and past it to Migration Tool -> Path to Dolphin Script

                    Una Migration tool uses only database and media files locations, thus even if you Dolphin has broken files, but file contains correct database and files info, media files/folders are not messed up, database is not corrupted, then Migration tool should work fine.

                    • Hello Alexey, 

                      Thank you for the information. The path I was using was not correct, when correct path used everything worked. I didn't have to specify directory "inc", even one level up it works (for me). 

                      The only issue is:

                      1. For "flash chat" I get " You need to install Jot Messenger plugin(s), before chat transfer "

                      2. For "Paid Memberships level, Members info" I get "You need to install Paid Levels plugin(s), before membership_levels transfer "

                      So both I suppose they were for free and now we have to pay, correct? 

                      Jot Messenger 100$/year

                      Paid Levels 50$/per year


                      • Galanopd Ok!
                        About modules: you should have one of the UNA plans from PRO and upper, each of them contains the set of paid modules, you may see list of the modules here l