UNA, best software platform... criticism

It's very cool kiss when I browsing a users profile UNA to see many links in the user profile where she always writes the same thing: "EMPTY"

Was this problem already solved in Dolphin at some point? Where were menu and html blocks without content is invisible? I wonder why the same mistakes in the UNA script that are supposed to be superior to Dolphin should always be repeated?

Or is it a new strategy to fool the search engines that I did not know and prove that the site has more content and more pages.

I'm curious to find out what it is useful to see many pages with EMTY content.
Is there a smart boy who can illuminate me?
Is UNA the same Dolphin that starts from 0 with another name and another interface or is it an evolution of the Dolphin script?

I feel in the fog,

I morally support development and refuse to follow the same paths of the past.

Have nice day developers

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