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Is in the UNA  $50 monthly subscription the service plan included? 

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  • Hello Antonio !

    Please specify what do you mean under "service plan"? All main points for every plan are described here https://una.io/page/start 

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    • I mean that if you buy the monthly plan without hosting, and there are some bugs or some set up is not working properly, do you provide assistance? It is not specified. 

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      • As with a common queue. You may post the detailed info about troubles here or to support@una.io and wait answer about possible reasons and fixes.

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        • Sometimes software do not work as expected due to bugs. I installed the free version to have a look at UNA if it is suitable for my company, for example, friends request is not working. This is a free plan so I understand that UNA community should be the best place to ask for help. Unfortunately, this is to me not clear what I am purchasing. If this is only to get the power apps then it may be not worth the pain. Therefore, before taking any commercial decision I would need to understand the real cost of UNA. This is a start-up and any cent is important.

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