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Multilanguage Experience?


I am a bit lost and concerned about multilanguage and UNA when adding new mods or apps, or updating UNA version or mods.

I saw other UNA community member have sites with a second even third language avaiable, so would be helpful for starters if can share your experience working with new added languages when you have to update UNA core version, add a new app or mod, or apply updates.

Main concern is, does this involves mucho complication or trouble in actual UNA version? Need to "touch the code" or bbdd each time you apply a new app or update to add the new language translation? In summary, for non tech users, each new mod added, or UNa updates would be a headache because the new languages?

Thanks a lot,

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  • no it is not that big process.
    when there is an update set the site to English only for you if it is not default for everyone, from polyglot check the keys that are not translated and save their translations, that's all.

    You will be able to translate for a few languages at the same time very easily.

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