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Creating Main Home Page with different Sections/Blocks

Greetings Everyone -

Just moved my D7 to UNA recently, could someone shed some lights on the following items please:
1. I need to create the Main Home page with different Sections/Blocks similar to UNA Daily Updates we receive from UNA team (I am not able to post the link here) which has multiple Sections/Blocks such as Discussions - Products - Groups etc.. How do I do that ?

2. When someone visits my UNA site, he/she should be able to read any content throughout my site (should be public), but if they need to add a feedback or create a new discussion, group etc.. then they should be prompted to sign in

3. It would be extremely helpful to have the UNA community share their UNA URLs with us so we can learn & see some of the Cool stuff UNA has to offer. Maybe we can create a new Group dedicated to UNA sites where everyone can showcase the Cool stuff they did. If this is not feasible, please send me your URL via PM. Rest assured I will not bother anyone with questions how they got things done, I only want to see what UNA is capable of..

Thank you much !

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  • Hello AJ Fariss !

    1) Yes, it possible to do via Studio->Pages App .

    2) This part is possible to do via Studio->Permissions App.

    3) Some users asked about similar examples. See for example, this thread https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=4549

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