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Free modules to everyone

I've seen some product here that make me angry they are for purchase while there is an ocean of free plugin by the open source community available for all for free

          https://github.com/ocrdu/rss-scrolling-news-ticker (demo)


          With a little effort you can copy & paste UNA's posts module and change the name to whatever u like

          Just copy & paste UNA's glossary module and change the name to whatever u like

          If u know a littel html & javascript u can do it in 5 minutes by adding block, button and location.href="google.com"

         Add a block and extract the name using js from on of the element on the page

This is not against the vendor but its just so dumb to sell this simple things, its lower UNA's grade, there are some product that are more complex and worth your money like saved search by AQB, Instant Notify by Msoulotion (but i still think he is the worst communication in vendors. be warned) or Profile Completeness.

I will like to see here a great vendor who sales usable products who make performance 75% higher, add macros, sticks blocks etc. Its time to see here some real damn good vendors 👷👌

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  • Thanks for the contribution Hodor Hodor 

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    • Well, i have been dealing with modzzz modules for more then a decade, all i have to say is that he is a bad ass when it comes to his modules. I will not stop buying his work! 


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      • Same here will monte, knowing many mods from modzzz testing dolphin years ago. 👍 

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          • While this post mentions a few free widgets (which is good), its contents is otherwise highly misleading. Anyone reading this post will get the impression the free widgets are equivalent to my plugins (which is untrue). There is a distinct difference between a widget and a plugin that is specifically integrated in the software. Let's dissect some aspects of this post.

            Scrolling News Ticker - There are many of these generic tickers that are freely available. 

            https://una.io/page/view-product?id=314 is configurable specifically for UNA and integrates with content that is posted in the site (News / Articles etc) . You cannot get that functionality with a free widget.

            https://una.io/page/view-product?id=294 is not the same (as incorrectly stated by the author of this post). This module is a currency ticker that utilizes the API from openexchangerates.org 

            Unlike free widgets, my weather module ( https://una.io/page/view-product?id=310 ) integrates with UNA Profiles, Groups, Events etc.

            urban dictionary - https://una.io/page/view-product?id=298 is based on similar concept as Glossory but has additional features. 

            Finally, if you do not like a plugin, simply do not purchase it. However, that does not mean other members will not find it useful. This is an open market environment . All my modules that I have posted here so far (news/articles/pets/deals/Garage Sales etc.)  are based on modules that I already have for the Dolphin script. For example, I have a dictionary module released for Dolphin over 10 years ago (see https://www.boonex.com/m/Dictionary) long before UNA even conceptualized Glossory module. If you are not familiar with me from Dolphin, take a look at my Dolphin portfolio at http://www.boonex.com/market/posts/modzzz . As time goes on, I plan to release most of those modules for UNA too.

            No matter how good a programmer you are, there is a learning curve for software such as UNA. It is typical for vendors to start their journey with a new software by firstly releasing modules that are on the simpler side (while continuing to learn the software) then proceed to more advanced modules as their competency level increases. There are not many vendors developing for UNA at this moment. Unwarranted vendor bashing is not the way forward my brother. I am not against critique but posting misleading info about a vendor's products is offensive and negatively affects the vendor.

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            • Jerome Mingo I appreciate your work and many other members find your modules useful.

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              • Sounds Good! So go out and hire some for us. Thanks

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