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Wiki Medicus is online

Hello everyone!

We started our Wiki pages!

We will use it as a presentation and easy acces for hand picked content of the site.

Wiki module + macros and replacements = WOOOOW
I have to admit that I didn't understand the concept very well during the very first video of Andrew Boon about wiki and macros.

but if you start to play with it, it is not difficult to understand.

Creating a Wİiki page is as easy as only writing it to browser adress bar...

Macros these are wonderfull magic words! with them many things gets very easy, in seconds you may embed a specific video or all videos of an author or blogs, photos etc. into almost any text content.
And there are hundreds of them!

They work on raw blocks, html blocks, blogs, pages app pages on many containers.

There are only few difficulties about videoplayer embeds, may be due to my experience level.

I am always meeting new proofs on UNA showing me that I selected the right infrastructure for my web site!

Thanks indeed UNA team, you are doing an unbelievable job!

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  • Cem you just blew my mind.   I had just about given up out of my life being too complex to deal with devising new ways to get people to see m u

    na site may be what they were looking for in function and learn to either functionally complain visibly so i fix what they dont want or etc-  but i had a break thru  and here we are again ive got my boots on.

    i had previously tried the wiki editor and gotten very very very upset at it. is there a documentation besides the sparse and often frustrating unaio wiki on github? id like to teach myself about the macros.

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    • Omar I noticed a problem as the site grows it is being more difficult to present important content to daily users.

      In our implementation the wiki module is used mostly as a selective site map. People are putting content to their profiles if we think that they are interesting for other users we put them to this structured selected site map, this makes a very good impact for the important content visibility.

      Let me give you an example a doctor made several videos about electrocardiography (a time amplitude graph of vectoral displays of the electrical currents in side the heart). He initially put them to youtube. I convinced him to download his videos to his profile in our site.

      but after the initial timeline appearence they are not in the front line any more. So we put them in the electrocardiography section of wikimedicus and now they are always in front of the eyes.

      Wiki module has multilinguality, revisions but we have to use it wisely to serve our needs. So step by step what we do:

      • I created a simple blog that is the main site map this is for ease of editing the site map. While in blog edit mode changed it to code view and put some html markers like < !- -  sitemap start - - >... < ! - - sitemap end - - > 
      • In every wiki page a raw block with a replacement marker like < !- -  sitemapSDxsmkl897 - - > this will provide us the same site map in all pages. Because that a big sitemap will be inconvinient for mobile, besides the wiki-home page I put a curtain sliding js/css full page menu that has the selective site map in it.
      • we didnt reprocude the content pages cause I couldnt fix the video embeds properly, but when a normal content page lets say view-videos?id=XX&wiki is called with the wiki parameter the implemented raw block presents the wikimenu that has the selective site map.

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      • for macros they are very easy. here is the all list:
        click on individual macros and you may see the parameters to use with them.
        Some examples:
        to embed a specific blog post to a text area, (raw block or into any html editor posts, pages etc)
        { { ~bx_posts:entity_text_block[contentid of the post]~ } }

        to embed videos of an author:
        { { ~bx_videos:browse_author[Author ID]~ } }

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        • And it seems like to use macros you dont need wiki module.

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