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Messenger feature requests

Hi Alexey ,

I got some feedback from my users:

They are not understanding to click the checkmark after selecting the recipient name. Their default behaviour is directly going to the message text area.
May be it could be better to add the function of the check mark to the initial click of the message text area.

An additional feature request is for admins:

Messenger may also be used to send mass messages to user ACL groups.

When the admin writes recipient names they may be an option to select ACL groups, this will create a great functionality.

Actually this is a very important need. What do you think?

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  • Hello Cem

    Thank you for the suggestion for talk creation area, I think, we can as such kind of behaviour additionally to existed one.

    About ACL groups: we have such kind of ideas aslo to separate profiles in popup on a groups for admin and for users. I think, it is possible also. 

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    • Thank you Alexey 👌

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      • It took me hours to figure out that I had to add someone's name, then click the checkmark to chat with them. I had thought it was a bug at first. Hopefully they fix it so that when you click someone's profile then click the message button on their profile you go straight into a chat with them instead of having to sit there and try and type their name, then press the checkmark, just to chat.

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