Messenger read status and time mark

Any news about that functions? Thx

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    • Hello!

      Can you please describe in more details which functions do you mean?

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      • Like on the screenshot

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        • Do you mean time when message was read?

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          • Time when send and indicator when readed. Maybe indicator when sended too.Β 

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            • By default you have ability to view thumbnails of the members who read the message near the latest read message. It means that the all previous messages has been Β also read. Also you may see here the time when message has been created. So, it is not allowed to detect exact time, but allow to understand which messages has been already read by who and approximate time.


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              • Thanks now i understand how it works) Can i disable video sending and file sending by messenger, only photos to upload and not globaly!Β 

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                • You can disable video and file sending in studio

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