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invitations module & WhatsApp Business integration

Hello everyone,

We have integrated the invitations module with WhatsApp business.

It works like this:

member goes to whatsapp invitations page and clicks on one of the template messages about the site activities.

The template message goes to user's WhatsApp from our business number.

It has the icode and link of the invitations module which refers the member.

Member forwards this message to his/her friends.

Friends click on the link:

here we have a trick 

it adds a greeting message and profile picture from the referring member to the registration page.

I also added this greeting to email invites.

Just an other idea for professional module developers.

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  • did you use wiki to add the greeting message and profile picture to the registration page? if so, can you share with us which servcie you used?

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    • No Scholar, the new user comes from a link with the hash code.
      And these hascodes or icodes are registered to invites table with account and profile numbers.

      When the index page or new account creation page is visited with these icodes, icode is matched to the referrer user profile and greeting message, the name, and profile photo is shown in the page.

      All these are done with some code in the background.

      I will send you a invitation link just to see how it works.

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      • that's fascinating :)

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        • This sounds very interesting!

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