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Who can post to my profile setting controls what?

When I go to edit profile and scroll down there is a setting that states "Who can post to my profile."  What does this setting control because I have setting set to Friends and anyone can post comments to my profile in the comments block.

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    • Andrew Boon this is important, can you please look into this?

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      • LeonidS can you explain on this issue?

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        • Hello Will Monte !

          Yes, the value of this field controls the possibility to post in the comments and timeline feed forms. But the first point doesn't work now as it should so https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/3045

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          • LeonidS  And I need users who are not friends to be able to COMMENT on each other's posts, but not post to each other timelines.

            So, if I have a profile, I want to be able to be the only one who posts on my profile feed. Not even friends should be able to post on my profile.

            But if somebody who is a friend or who is not a friend sees my post/update on the public timeline, or within my profile, they should be able to comment on it.

            How do I make it work this logical way?

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            • Hello

              Theoretically, you should be able to do this if you select 'Me Only' in your profile's edit form -> 'Who can post to my profile' field.

              But we have a bug (https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/3045) related to this field and the possibility to post Comments on a profile. However if you don't use Comments block on the profile page, then Post to Timeline and Comments for timeline events should work as you described.

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              • Well, currently, as an example:
                I have profile A and profile B. They are not friends.

                If A goes to the settings and sets "who can post to my profile" to "me only", then can't post anything on the timeline (correct), AND can't comment on any timeline posts (incorrect).

                If A goes to the settings, and sets "who can post to my profile" to "friends/anyone", then B can both post on A's timeline and leave comments to A's posts.

                I'm not sure whether this is a bug just on my installation of UNA, but I'd like to decouple that, and let everyone comment on everyone's posts regardless of whether they let people to post new timeline posts to their profile or not.

                As an example, I, as an admin don't want to let anyone post on my timeline, except for myself. But, when I post something, and promote it so that everyone can see it (even non-friends), nobody can leave a comment. It's either one or the other.

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                Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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