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Issues Upgrading UNA to 11.0.3

Hello everyone - I am trying to upgrade UNA to 11.0.3 from 11.0.2, but I am getting the error message attached stating params.inc has been modified which I never touched manually. Any idea how I can bypass this issue so I can proceed with the upgrade ?

Please note, I see we have an option in settings to { Force auto-update, even if some files were modified } OR { Enable auto-update } - should I check these settings ? if so, will this overwrite any custom work I've done to the site ?


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  • Hi, if i were you i would wait till one of the UNA staff members would come here and guide you. Andrew Boon Alex T⚜️ Anton L 

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    • I am still waiting  😐 

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      • Hello AJ Fariss !

        Yes, enabled the "Force auto-update, even if some files were modified" parameter may solve your trouble, but yes, it will erase your custom code things, which you made in the files of the core and default UNA modules. So in this case you need to keep all changed files on PC, made auto-upgrade and apply these changes back. But if you have done all your changes via Studio then nothing to worry about it (but it useful to backup your database and files before such procedures).

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        • Thanks Leonids ! I went ahead & set it to "Force auto-update". I have no custom changes. I was wondering if UNA scans for updates on a daily basis in order for my site to get updated or do I need to wait till next UNA release before "Force auto-update "  is triggered ?  otherwise, can we do a manual force-update..  Thx.

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          • Yes, AJ Fariss , UNA scans the updates on a regular basis. So with the enabled "Enabled auto-update" and "Force auto-update" your site will be updated automatically after the new version's release (if Cron Jobs were setup correctly).

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