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Cover Photos

Don't get me wrong I get the concept of cover photos on pages, but really enabled on every page?

I found that the pages across my website LGBTQIA+ Community look a lot better when the cover photo is disabled. So I just spent the last 30 minutes disabling the cover on all my pages apart from the following as the member has the ability to change them.

  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Organization Profiles

I know you can set a default cover and that is great but you don't want to see the same cover everywhere and unless you go to every page designing a cover for the pages they are a bit redundant.

I think cover photos should be disabled by default apart from 

  • Homepage - Set to Vistors Only!
  • Profiles
  • Organization Profile
  • Groups

Administrators have the option to enable the cover where they want to instead of having to manually disable them all.

Just a thought. 😁 

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  • I did the same. I disabled as many covers as I could and still find some pages with covers on them. 

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