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Issues with Jitsi video conferencing as well as screen sharing

1. (This issue with una messenger) On cross device Video connections between a  laptop and mobile app...once start call/video and the recipient picks call, the video calling is not transmitted between these devices and hence video calling is not put through on screen connection. Nevertheless When use mobile to mobile or laptop to laptop calling...it seems to connect fine and video out through 

2. (As I see, these issue is with Jitsi and not unai...On laptop screen sharing with jitsi...when sharing screen..there seem to be mirror replications of the screen when “view in full screen “ mode is viewed likewise when viewing a participant screen... plus screen sharer/host view seems to be hidden on showing other screen out of site when hidden. also in host video mode while on screen sharing should be dragable and not cover screen area shared. Compare issues with Zoom to see the difference Alexey 

3. How do we change the meeting name...I see UNAa35s d3t455ghyr. How to change this to site name instead 

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  • You are sure not to miss anything. Congratulations!

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    • Hello Stephen-Mystic Inam ,

      Thank you for the details, 

      1. This problem should be fixed with new update which was installed on una.io and you can test it. 

      2. I have not faced with this mirrors problem yet. I will try to reproduce it.

      3. There is no option in mobile jitsi interface to set the name at present, it is possible only for desktop. May be we can hide it, I will check.

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      • 2. I have report same to Jitsi support as I tested it on Jitsi and same issue was reproduced 

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