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I can't get into my account

I have a frozen project. I decided to go to it, but forgot the password. After several unsuccessful attempts to enter, my account was blocked. I went into the database and changed the value locked from 1 to 0. But the account was not unblocked.

I don't know if this is normal behavior or not. Are there any options to get into your account?

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    • Hello Yra !

      Did you clear the cache folder? Leave there only the .htaccess file.

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      • Hello LeonidS !

        Yes, I cleared it and found how to unblock the account. But it didn't help, I don't remember the password.

        Recovery also does not work, writes an error sending email, maybe SMTP does not work for me.

        Of course, this is not a big problem for me, but anyone can get into such a situation.

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        • Well, this error "error sending email, maybe SMTP does not work for me. " is better for fix anyway.

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          • The decision on how to access the studio turned out to be very simple. Create another account and edit its role in the database.

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