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youTube videos ONLY appear when you are logged in

I am referring to youTube videos which are embedded (via Embedly) in the Discussion forums. The videos also do not show up in the Timeline either - unless I am logged in.

I checked my Permissions for Discussions regarding Unauthenticated and Unconfirmed and Pending users.Β 

Can anyone help?

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    • Hello, i'm going to take a wild guess here, have you checked if that blocks privacy is set to visible by public or members?

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      • Hello banister !

        Please specify when this trouble did appear? Did it work before but stopped? Here was the info that embed.ly changed their payment plans recently, maybe it takes an effect too.

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        • I found a way around using embed.ly in discussions. I used the insert media function on the editor.Β 

          UNA gives a nice bait click material getting members to click it.Β 

          I have also edited the editor to allow embeds from youtube on timeline updates.

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          • Hi All, I used the "embed url" provision. I noticed a few weeks ago that these Discussion Forum videos did not appear unless logged in. I checked the ones from months ago and they also did not appear in the Public Timeline or the actual DiscussionΒ 

            I guess the privacy must be ok because the other Discussions (without video) appear, as you can see.

            I'll report back when a solution is found. Thanks to all who responded today.

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            • Maybe I am not using the precise "embed" url which might be different from the "page" url.

              Similar login video issues have been noted on the wordpress platform.



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              • youTube has several addresses for each video. One url contains WATCH. Another url contains EMBED. Another is addressed to youtu.be

                None of these worked in the Discussion section of our site where video is added to a post. Unless you are logged in.

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                • I was able to reproduce this same issue in Rumble with the same results. So, it is not a youTube problem.Β 

                  Can someone try to upload a test youtube video for me in their installation of UNA? In the Discussion area. And let us know if it appears there and in the public Timeline IF you are not logged in. Thank you.

                  By the way, Rumble is a better platform, imho, which rewards content providers.Β 

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                  • Embedly says that 4 out of 5 support tickets are about urls which don't work. Seems that they recommend the embed or share link. Which is usually different from the regular view link.

                    I've rambled. My question has do with videos in the discussion area not appearing unless someone is logged in. Hmmm.

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                    • B.Murphy UK, how did you bypass embedly? Can you be more specific? Embedly is starting to charge for their services, I hear. Thank you much.

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                      • would be nice if it was able to embed rumble and other sources

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                        • Hi,Β 

                          You can do it via the developer app. I can do it for you if you are unsure? Please message me if you do.

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                          • Embedding via editor lets you embed any video with an embed code.

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                            • So nice to hear from you over in the UK. Thank you for the kind offer. Could you possibly take a few sentences to explain what you do in the Developer app to by-pass Embedly in the Discussions AND Video app as well? Embedly charges $9 (US) per month unless there is a deal with UNA, of which I am unaware.

                              I like Embedly but don't need another monthly payment. Perhaps someone from UNA could explain where things are headed in this regard.

                              B. Murphy, others will surely benefit from your knowledge as time goes by. As they search this Forum for answers. Much, much thanks to YOU.

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                              • It was determined that this problem is a known issue and that it will be fixed soon. Good.

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                                • Hope to fix that.

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                                  • Hi all!

                                    It works now in 12b1.

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                                    Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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