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How to stop my UNA site sending confirmation emails to SPAM box ?

Some of my users were having issues connecting to my site because they did not confirm their emails, now every time a new user subscribes to my site, I have to tell him to check their SPAM box - it is getting annoying.. It has to be a way to avoid confirmation emails from going to SPAM box - any idea ? someone told to use sendgrid.com for this purpose, but not sure how to use it.. Can someone shed some light please.. Thx.

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    • Generally, that has nothing to do with framework/platforms like UNA and everything to do with the mail system/program used on the server. Β It's usually an issue with newer domains and the more you send email that isn't flagged as spam, the less likely it will get a 'spammy' rating. Β One hack I've used is to send email to my own Gmail, then report as 'not spam'. Β Believe it or not, that often resolves the issue with Gmail.Β 

      If all else fails, get the SMTP plugin and config to use mandrill or sendgrid.

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      • Hi AJ Fariss !

        Yes, Friendshare is right (thnx, mate!) not so many things depend from Una. So you may refer also to this old article for Dolphin https://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/TutorialTweakingSpamFilters

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        • Use mailgun

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          • I'm having similar problems, although part of it appears to be my DKIM settings in the domain being set following instructions from an email provider which then means Gmail is expecting encoded information in the header which I haven't yet figured out how to add to UNA email header- although if you have this issue you will be getting DMARC emails from gmail.

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            • Rowena I've just corrected Reverse DNS for your site it will probably help. However it's always better to install SMTP Mailer module and use external services to send mail from, it will guarantee that emails aren't going to spam folder.Β 

              Some recommended services are (some of them have generous free plan):







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              • I use https://www.mailjet.com/ It is very affordable and works great. None of my mail goes to spam.

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                • We use MailJet as well. Works great for us

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                  • I have some difficulties when moving from gmail as SMTP (limit is set to low for our site) to our own mail server which is whole new sience...; but after a month or so when other mail servers recognise our mail server as a legite one (reputation) no mail from our domain goes to SPAM.....; so there was some work and effort needed but we manage to stay independent from other services which always find the way to somehow limit you or they always want more and more money......

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                    • Mxtoolbox.com is one of the great free services you can use to check the quality of your email address, where it is blacklisted and it comes up with recommendations for what you can do to improve email deliverability

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                      • using mailjet very affordable and effective.
                        it is not possible to prevent your emails being marked as spam, only one user may block all your email system to send emails to hotmail.
                        users may have an attitude to mark emails as spam instead of tweaking their notification settings.
                        the only solution is using smtp gateways.

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                        • I also use mailjet. It's affordable, effective and is very easy to set up. I see very few going to spam.

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                          • From all these feedback, looks like Mailjet is the winner. I will also go with that.. Thanks for sharing..

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                            • I contacted Mailjet and asked that I need to use their service to stop SPAM, now I am getting too many questions as if I am running a campaign of millions emails.. Can someone advise what type of service you got from them and how much you are paying for the serviceΒ ?

                              Here is another question just received today: "Are you looking to connect via API or SMTP? Overall, how much monthly email are you needing to process ? " Β CemΒ  orΒ Β Tim BurleighΒ could you advise please..Β 

                              Thanks !

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                              • Hello Aj Fariss I use

                                • BronzeΒ 
                                • 30,000Emails/Month
                                • €7.95billed monthly

                                  Which will be enough for moderately busy sites. With this you may use templates etc. very convinient.

                                there is also a free tier, limited to 200 emails a day.

                                Just be carefull not to exceed the limit of your package, in case they are charging too much.

                                When you setup your account, login to your mailjet account
                                find smtp setup part
                                copy smtp host, username and password from there

                                go to UNA studio > smtp mailler app > enable smtp mailler and smtp authentication

                                fill the other parts like port number 587 connection type TLS

                                after this setup UNA will start to send all emails through mailjet.

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                                • Thanks so much Cem this is very helpful !

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                                  • Dont mess up with campaings, API etc there, there are 2 main functions mailjet will provide you within UNA:

                                    1. Being an email gateway for your UNA notification and mass mail app emails.
                                    2. if you prefer you may load your contacts and use their templates to send professional looking emails.

                                    *you will also need to set up your domain authentication, sender adress etc. at mailjet.

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                                    • Good to know.. For now, I am only concerned about my site's email going to my users' SPAM box, eventually I will setup campaigns once the dust settles.. Thx !Β 

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                                      • AJ Fariss I had similar problems and eventually Mailjet denied my account because I wasn't compliant- after I told them I wanted to use their service so I could become compliant, I was quite detailed and asked questions as they had just referred me to their policies.

                                        I setup with SendinBlue with none of that drama.

                                        Then I got an email from Mailjet asking why I hadn't responded to their ticket (the one denying my account). After I responded asking what kind of response they wanted to telling me they weren't prepared to help me they emailed back that they had reviewed my application again and that my account has now been opened, but they will limit me or cancel my account if I don't comply to their policies. . .

                                        Good Luck!

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                                        • Thanks Rowena that's so hilarious ! after all the drama, they still want your business :) they finally got back to me, they said I can pay about $9/month for about 30,000 emails per month, but I don't send campaigns emails and I don't have that many users :) Β so $9/mnth will be a waste.. Β Is SendinBlue free of charge ? all I need for now is to stop my site's emails from going to my users' SPAM box.. Β Thx.

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                                          • Another one to the list https://www.zoho.com/mail

                                            So far working ok...

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