Cyrillic alphabet metatags


I have noticed that the metatag (keyword) container does not recognize my text and returns results that are not related. All my text is in Cyrillic, but not Russian, so I have to edit the RU language for my users. My question is will the metatag (keyword) container recognize my text once I switch to Cyrillic or I need to remove the container?

Its this container: bx-metatags-keywords-container



  • Hello George!

    May you please specify your request with example of URLs and screenshots?

    With the best regards, Leonid

    • Hi Leonid, this I the problem you can see on the attached picture in the right of the main content, where it says "popular cameras". all the text is in Cyrillic on the site, it is not finished yet and for now is all in English. that is why I assume there might be a connection with the site language. There is no mention of camera or Canon on the site. I cannot post links so I add a picture of the address if you need to have a look.

        • Hello George!

          Block which you mean doens't depend from language because it is contained from metatags info of images and videos in albums. UNA grabs this info automatically during upload process.

          With the best regards, Leonid

          • hi Leonid, but wouldn't that mean if there is no legible file name or description it will get the exif data which is camera model, aperture and speed for the taken image for example? That would be hilarious I the content of the image or video is about growing tomatoes.

            Anyways, seems I need to disable this module for now.

            • Hello George!

              No need to disable the whole module - you may just remove this block "Popular cameras" from this page via Studio->Pages system application. Other blocks like "Hashtags of albums" and "Hashtags of images" are filled by users manually during upload - so you may leave them there only.

              With the best regards, Leonid

              • Thanks Leonid, yes I figured it out.

                Could I ask; I made a language plugin per the wiki instructions, but seems that English has to be enabled on the site, is that correct? I was hoping to disable it and have only one language (BG) set by default, so there is no option to choose language at all. And was also hoping that the lang=bg would dissapeare from the URLs. Do you have a suggestion for that situation?

                • Hello George!

                  Yes, by default English is installed in UNA. But after creation and enabling the own language you may to turn off it by next scheme:

                  1) go to Studio->Polyglot system app

                  2) choose there your new language as default, press "Save"

                  3) return to Studio and go to English application

                  4) click on "Actions" icon in the top-right corner (before "?" icon) and switch it from "Active".

                  After this actions users will see in site only new language.

                  With the best regards, Leonid

                  • Perfect, Thank you

                    • You are welcome, George!