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How To Test-Run Third Party Apps

I have seen a couple of talks about testing Apps and suggestions for double licences to ensure production sites are secured. 

This is how I walk around this. 

I installed 2 Una on my licensed domain. One on root and the other on a subfolder inside the main site. The production domain e.g xyz.com and the stagging xyz.com/demo. 

Ensure the UNA credentials on the main site are imputed on the DEMO settings. Any App licensed to run on the main site will also run on the Demo. This gives the opportunity to test before installing on production sites. 

You only need to install the basic UNA Apps on the Demo to manage space. You may not also set the DEMO Cron Job to run every second.

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    • That is a very good solution running your own server. 

      The testing of Apps is a major challenge, when You go with a hosted UNAcloud package. Then you have on the one hand a very helpfull support, but on the other hand you run into problems with new apps and configurations because you can only test on your live site. 

      That causes many problems again, you need more support. Support needs manpower. Manpower is expensive. It would be a good solution to have a test environement as well.

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