temporary disable system emails

Hi, could find a tread so had to ask: can you please let me know how to temporary disable system emails?

I am importing my users to UNA and dont want them to receive any emails until I am done with the migration. So I want 0 emails and 0 notifications, so no word whatsoever that I am making any changes to the site to my users, nothing.



  • and how would I change display from full name to username on the site? Right now it shows full name of the user which is not optimal :)

    Would like to change it to username.

    By the way I might be asking obvious questions, but I have not had any experience with Una and Dolphin before.

    • Hello George!

      First of all need to visit Studio->notification syste app and disable there all points "Email notifications". Also apply this SQL query in your UNA database:

      UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `receive_updates`=0, `receive_news`=0

      So after this actions users will get only messages like "Forgot your password".

      About "display name" - this part can't be changed.

      With the best regards, Leonid

      • Got it thanks 

        • You are welcome, George!