Account creation error (automatic name)

If this option is checked, then there is an error ...



NB: After refreshing the page the account is well created despite the error.

To be sure to understand, what should be the role of this option?

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  • With this option enabled Person or Organization profile is created automatically using the name from account join form. 

    This error may happen if you've added some required fields to Person/Orgs add form (depending on "Default profile type" setting), as the result Person/Orgs can't be created since can't pref-fill this new required field.

    • Ok, Alex, I thought this option would get rid of the problem "AccountName and then "FullName" on the following form.

      Would it not be possible to add in the same place an option that would say that = automatically when creating the account?

      • If this option is enabled then you will have AccountName == FullName (or OrgName).

        Additionally If you remove FullName (or OrgName) and AccountName from edit forms then this name will be persistent.

        • Ok, Alex, so I understood, but at the same time, above, you explain to me that it's normal for me to encounter an error because I added mandatory fields to the second form.

          Which forces me to disable this interesting feature.

          I think you do not realize the problem because here on UNA the profiles are very minimalist.

          But nobody will be in this case on a site he built, and I think this error will raise the same question all the time, you already have an example here https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=705

          What I would like is an option that allows me to complete "AccountName" in the first form, then be redirected to the second form containing "FullName" == "AccountName" already completed, see grayed out, so that I can continue to fill the other fields of the profile.

          You understand ? So, that would be perfect.

          • Thank you for the explanation and suggestion:


            • Alex, i tested this fix, I have no more error ok, but I still do not have the account name == to fullname and "Automatic profile creation from account name" is checked.

              So to clarify. This option is useless if you have the misfortune to add a personalized field on the registration form?

              So if I understand correctly it will not serve anyone because nobody will leave the form in its original state.


              Case 1: The option "Automatic creation of profile from the name of the account" is checked and no field has been added, it creates the profile, ok, but never nobody will be in this case.

              case 2: The option "Automatic creation of profile from the name of the account" is checked but fields have been added, so fullname is already pre-filled with account name and grayed out on the second step of the form.

              So you can rename "Automatic creation of the profile of the account" by "Account name is identical to name profile / org" so it makes sense in both cases.

              That, in my opinion, is how it should work. Otherwise it is useless .... You are not of my opinion?

              • Yes this should be the basis for registration, members will get stuck at the start, I think even members will refuse to sign up for this drastic registration. Why not be easy Baloo you're right!!

                • Thank you for the suggestions:

                  Also profile isn't created automatically when mandatory fields are added.