Trying to Update RC4

In the dashboard, it shows that RC4 is available. When I click on Update button, I get the following message

Database and files versions are different, probably previous patch wasn't applied correctly.


Any idea how to correct this?

  • I have tried to manually update by downloading the patch from Github and uploading to root and running BxDolUpgradeCron.php but it says hack attempt.

    • Try to check your UNA version in inc/ and in sys_modules tables system module row.

      • In inc/ it says 9.0.0-DEV8. doesn't give a version. And the sys_modules --> system row defined as 9.0.0-RC3

        • You have Development version installed, this version isn't upgradable. If you have no many changes on your site it's better to start from the scratch and install official release version downloaded from here:

          • I don't have a lot of work done to it but do have some customizations. I have changed the name from dev8 to rc3 in the said files and did the upgrade to rc4. Only problem is I cannot update the apps because it says 94% too many files have been changed

            Guess I will have to start over. Thanks for the info.

            • that I have reinstalled using the supplied link, I am trying to go to the market. I get the following when doing so.

              The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match
              I have checked my key and client id...its fine. So then I created a new set of keys and saved those into the settings and tried again but same result. Any idea?
              • Try to check if protocol (http/https) also matches, also make sure that there is no spaces in your site URL when you enter during key&secret generation.

                • I am going to reinstall again. None of the settings are actually saving, taking 2 times everytime to sign into the site, and app market not connecting even though all information has been verified.

                  • After reinstalling in a new database and all new file upload, the installation is once again successful but the settings aren't keeping and same message for app market. Think I will try installing an older RC and start from there. I didnt have this problem before with the dev version