Trying to Update RC4

In the dashboard, it shows that RC4 is available. When I click on Update button, I get the following message

Database and files versions are different, probably previous patch wasn't applied correctly.


Any idea how to correct this?

  • I have tried to manually update by downloading the patch from Github and uploading to root and running BxDolUpgradeCron.php but it says hack attempt.

    • Try to check your UNA version in inc/header.inc.php and in sys_modules tables system module row.

      • In inc/version.inc.php it says 9.0.0-DEV8. header.inc.php doesn't give a version. And the sys_modules --> system row defined as 9.0.0-RC3

        • You have Development version installed, this version isn't upgradable. If you have no many changes on your site it's better to start from the scratch and install official release version downloaded from here:


          • I don't have a lot of work done to it but do have some customizations. I have changed the name from dev8 to rc3 in the said files and did the upgrade to rc4. Only problem is I cannot update the apps because it says 94% too many files have been changed

            Guess I will have to start over. Thanks for the info.

            • Alex...now that I have reinstalled using the supplied link, I am trying to go to the market. I get the following when doing so.

              The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match
              I have checked my key and client id...its fine. So then I created a new set of keys and saved those into the settings and tried again but same result. Any idea?
              • Try to check if protocol (http/https) also matches, also make sure that there is no spaces in your site URL when you enter during key&secret generation.

                • I am going to reinstall again. None of the settings are actually saving, taking 2 times everytime to sign into the site, and app market not connecting even though all information has been verified.

                  • After reinstalling in a new database and all new file upload, the installation is once again successful but the settings aren't keeping and same message for app market. Think I will try installing an older RC and start from there. I didnt have this problem before with the dev version

                    • Could you please provide your key, I will check if URL for this key is specified correctly?

                      • That is not my only problem Alex. None of the changes I make in Studio --- Settings are staying. I changes things and tick boxes and click save button, but the changes I make are not being saved.


                        • I can't find ndanyzq2y6 key on una.io site.

                          Also could you please be more descriptive, where exactly changes aren't saving ?

                          • Any settings pertaining to disable cache, site info, disabling automatic account creation without email confirmation...etc. That is the key that shows up on the keys and secrets page of una.io

                            • Now, I just looked in my site and the key has changed...also on una.io as well. It's now showing taz9lxkcqm as the key. And now the popup window saying Settings successfully saved is showing up. Really strange as I have not logged into the site to make any changes.

                              • I am reinstalling rc4 as that was dev9 so I will update you with results.

                                • Have reinstalled and key is matching una.io. But settings are not saving, logo and cover images are saying successfully saved but not uploading. It's not workig anymore no matter what I try. Please help resolve this.

                                  • Hello JMonroe!

                                    Did you get any errors during save actions? Is it possible to see the latest messagesfrom your error log?

                                    With the best regards, Leonid


                                    • No errors when saving and no messages in log. Says successfuully saved when click on save settings.

                                      • So...all of a sudden, the settings are staying now and changes show and splash page is working, cover images, logo, and profile cover images are as setup. The only thing not working are the Apps Market. Still not connecting using the client id. It matches in the address bar, settings page, and una.io

                                        Getting the following message una.io/m/oauth2/auth?response_type=code&client_id=taz9lxkcqm&redirect_uri=

                                        The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match

                                        • You've provided incorrect URL when you were generating key and secret. Your site is starting with www, but you've pointed your address without www.

                                          •  I've I've tried it both ways. That's why if you look you will see 2 different client keys.  Neither way worked. When I had my dev site up it worked fine.  Have any other ideas that I can try?

                                            • Created new keys. Seems to be working now. Still having to disable all cache as it doesn't refresh the apps installed or settings changed. Site is working pretty decently now. Is there any way to get faster support than 1 response per day? That's entirely too long when one has trouble with his/her site.


                                              • It's great the the site is working now.

                                                Usually someone else is answering too, but I can't respond faster than several times a week.

                                                • Ok. Thanks. Didn't know if there was a ticket system in place I didn't know about.