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Self extracting apk file

Now that Google has free reign to decide who will be able to put their mobile app in their store, and if they don't like you content they will just remove it, We might want to have a simple means to self distribute our android mobile app from our site. The major difference is that it will state that it is not an official store app and ask if you want to install it any way. I have included ours apk file in Market but had to put it in a zip file for download. This makes it harder for phone user to install, since they have to unzip it first. For some, no big deal, for other it is a hassle since you do not have to in the play store. I guess you could make an self extracting zip file or una could make a work around. Just a thought.

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  • Our on the right path, but the long and tedious road. In Apple using safari a member can just save the web page to their phone/tablet and it creates the app. Same with Android using Chrome. Steps are available with a basic google search. 

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    • It's easy to allow to upload .apk files in Market, just run the following query:

      UPDATE `sys_objects_storage` SET `ext_allow` = 'zip,apk' WHERE `object` = 'bx_market_files'

      then clear db cache

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      • I ran the updae query and it updated box in market upload  to include apk. Deleted 43mb zip file and tried to upload the apk un zipped file but now the file limit is 2mb. I can not upload either file now. I down loaded the zip apk app file from market 5 day ago to my phone unzipped and installed on my phone. Where is the file limit for up loads located?

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