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[Solved] Photos with blank titles do not open

After 12.b.1 photos uploaded without title and description do not load when clicked. Prior to v 12 if a title was not supplied the default would be "No Title" and the image could be opened and edited.  Now clicking on a  photo uploaded in v 12 puts the site url in the navigation bar and the photo page is blank.


In Timeline - blank but in photo view "no title" which is clickable and opens the photo.


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    • Alex T⚜️  LeonidS Gents can someone check this out.  If it is repeatable on other sites it is a big problem. 

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      • Hello Molosser Dogs !

        By default, UNA inserts the "No title" key for the empty titles. Please specify what changes did you make it there?

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        • I upgraded to 12.b.1 since then any photos uploaded even with title, does not display when you click them. Have a look at the homepage and click one of the photos in the Outline... if you hover over the photo is shows a proper link such as https://molosserdogs.com/page/view-photo?id=216  clicking on the link returns https://molosserdogs.com and blank photo page with the X to close.

          Profile photos seem to work ok.

          Also - I don't see to be able to delete a photo that I uploaded as delete is no longer in the menu

          LeonidS your login credentials still work so please have a look.

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          • Yes - but not since 12.b.1

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            • LeonidS were you able to check anything regarding this issue I am having. the Credentials in your PM should still work.

              Jerome Mingo would there be anything in the autojoin groups module that could affect the photos module.  All photos uploaded to photos since upgrade to 12.0.b.1 will not display and sometimes throws an sql error.

              Any suggestions to resolve this as it is dragging on. Perhaps Beta 2 may resolve this but am almost out of options.

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              • The Auto Join Group module does not have any kind of interaction with Photos module.

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                • Thank you

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                  • Narrowed down a bit more.. when not logged in I can see the photos. When logged in the page is blank .. wheel spins but nothing loads. Weird. LeonidS any ideas.

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                    • This was resolved with the updatte photos module.  Thank you LeonidS and Jerome Mingo

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