Notifications (Better viewing of new, unread notifications)

Notifications are great to let users know about new content etc, but it's hard to tell what notifications you have are new and what ones have been viewed. 

Maybe a Red Dot on the notifications that are new and unread would help?

Or maybe shade out the new and unread notifications in a grey style, turning to white when read. 

Also, an afterthought as well for if this gets accepted. Maybe a way for people to mark a notification as read if the member do not want to have to click the notification to mark as read. Like if a Red Dot is added maybe clicking the red dot to mark as read with out having to click the notification?

Or a Submenu beside each notification giving options to mark as read and possibilities are endless, like ignoring remove notification and mute notifications relating to content...

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  • Ya it does need a facelift for being able to know what you have seen and haven't.

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    • Yes, to illustrate what you are saying, I thought about it seeing how it works on Odysee, that's exactly how you describe it.


      Very comfortable.

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      • Thank you for the idea, we'll consider it for the future:

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