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Small niches are the best option

I was just looking at the FB and Twtr stocks, they are not looking too good. Every decision has a consequence, for better or for worse. I definitely think the best option is small communities, and for that, UNA platform -out of the box- is a complete solution.



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  • I deactivated my Twitter account - Facebook is next

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    • I deleted my Facebook account years ago. Best decision ever. I also have a very old iPhone 5c, which is often left at home when I go out. I refuse to be available all the time. I know the world is fucked up for the time being and I dont need to be reminded of it every single second. 

      Agred, niches are good. The same goes for dating sites. General dating sites are having troubles while niche sites are doing great. That goes for our club too. With a well- defined niche potential members know exactly who the other members are. 

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