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Menu Permission

Going thru setting permission on the menus and submenus for UNA 12.  Okay, this is tedious to say the least.  Seriously, why would we be giving permission to suspended accounts to pin or lock items?  Delete Pages?  I can keep going here.  What would be useful because so many items are for the member, moderator and admin is 3 things:

1.  Have a Select All/Unselect All option so we are not being forced to click almost every item on every menu/submenu selection.  

2.  Have this stuff set automatically to unselected and let us just select the ones we want.  Trust me, we will be selecting all of them far less than just those 3 items.  This will reduce the clicking/selecting by 62.5% on most items.  

3.  Have it so we can go down and click boxes for say pin, unpin and lock and then set the permissions for all 3 of those at once since they will be the same.  

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