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UNA 12 Phone Verification

Running UNA 12.0.B1 =>  When users attempt to input their phone number on the join form it responds that it's an invalid number and wants a country code.  We don't use country codes in the US to call each other, where do I get this module to comprehend that?

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  • Been working on this and here's what I've found.  In the United States and Canada when we want to dial a number we ONLY use a country code if we are calling outside of North America.  Maybe Mexico, never tried it.  For example, I want to call Toronto, ON from Phoenix, AZ.  Typically I would dial 909 555 1212, no country code needed even though I'm calling Canada.  

    Now, back in the old days lets say I wanted to call my dad in Ohio, he lived outside cleveland with the area code 216.  I'd dial 1 216 555 1212 and the number would go through, we didn't call that a country.  So I figured I'd try that w/the 12165551212 and the system denied it.  

    So I dug a little more.  I noticed it said numbers or digits only.  But it kept referencing this + in the error box.  So I tried +12165551212 and lo and behold it works.  So all my members have to type + 1 then area code and then number.  

    If the system wants a + then we need to code the + to be automatic and in the background, not something the member needs to add in as here in the US & Canada I can tell you none of us think of a phone number as + 1 area code number.  The 1 we can live with, the + is boonex overkill.  

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    • Try adding +1 as country code for... most international exchanges will parse this.

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      • Figured that out.  Issue is that MOST people joining a site in the US/Canada don't even think of that.  It's not something we encounter.  System should be set to take care of that automatically, especially the "+"

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