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Hi, could someone point me where do I change tinymce settings like insert link (none/new window) and UI language. 

Thank you

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  • Hello George!

    Common TinyMce settings you may find in template/scripts/BxBaseEditorTinyMce.php, startic varaibles like $CONF_FULL. There are defined connected plugins for different versions. Words in user interface language can be changed in plugins_public/tinymce/langs files. 

    With the best regards, Leonid

    • To change the language of Tinymce, you have to go to where Leonid said and add the following code at the end of the "Common initialization params"

      language: 'your language code',

      language_url: '{bx_url_tinymce}langs/your language code.js',

      There is "detect language" in this file, which might be for detecting the site language, but for me at least is not working.

      • In UNA Tinymce there is this issue, which I think can be easily fixed in the Tinymce settings, but havent tried yet: if you type a link without the protocol in Tinymce, the link will be appended to your website url so it will become yoursite/the link. There are people that will get an error 404 for a otherwise valid address they typed in.

        • Hello George!

          Thnx for post about additioonal settings for TinyMce. One note: line language: 'your language code' can use with the follwoing UNA code like:


          About your second post as i've got your right - may you please specify exact place for "type a link without the protocol in Tinymce"? Does it relate to this code from your previous post language_url: '{bx_url_tinymce}langs/your language code.js', ?

          With the best regards, Leonid

          • not really related, but  setting I found while changing the language. When you use Tinymce insert link if you don't put the protocol like http or https the link will not work. And I see on tinymce website there is something about recognizing the absence of protocol in the link and adding one automatically. So I tought I say something about it.

            So link without the protocol in "insert link" in Tinymce will not work at all per the current tinymce settings.

            This is for the actual user interface of tinymce

            • Hello George!

              Well, this is usual way of work with html links - if there is no http(s) prefix then system considers URL is jsut part of current site. Keep possibility to give links to sublinks of site is important too. See Blog or Blog

              Both were made by different way, but second is little simpler.

              With the best regards, Leonid

              • I didn't get it. I was thinking if my users input eBayDOTcom or YahooDOTcom in Tinymce, then they will get a resulting 404 error and will be very confused. If you write YahooDOTcom in the browser you will go to Yahoo right. So when they type in Tinymce a link it doesn't tell them that because they don't have the protocol their link will be assumed to be a reference to the  my website, and it will be confusing. It's confusing to me at least. And also if you copy a link from my site the protocol will automatically be pre-pended to the link, so I think the option you are talking about is very limited in use.

                • Usually sites have redirect from different protocols, so http://yahoo.com and https://yahoo.com will open the same site.

                  • true. I meant in Tinymce if the user makes a link without the protocol, just the name of the site followed by dot com, the link will not work and the user will get 404 error.

                    • Could you please provide an example ? and the steps on how to reproduce it ?

                      • My issue is that if a user inputs the name of the website they want to add as a link in tinymce with the "add link" button and do not specify the protocol, then the link will not work.

                        When people type in the browser an address they dont input the protocol, at least I never do, so I assume that other people might be accustomed to typing in this way as well, and their links will not work on my website.

                        • This is TinyMCE functionality, we can't control it. You can ask this question in their forum


                          • Thank you Alex, actually there is a quite simple solution. Have to add the following in the template/scripts/BxBaseEditorTinyMce.php after the "Common initialization params":

                            link_assume_external_targets: true,

                            and then to force new window on link click add:

                            default_link_target: '_blank',

                            The first for the links should be set by default in Una, just my opinion.